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Book Chapter: Input Technologies and Techniques, 1st Edition

Input-Technologies-and-Techniques-HCI-Handbook-1st-EditionHinckley, K., Input Technologies and Techniques. Chapter 9 in The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies and Emerging Applications (Human Factors and Ergonomics), 1st Edition, ed. by Sears, A., and Jacko, J. Written in 2001. Published by Lawrence Erlbaum, Hillsdale, NJ, Sept 1, 2002, pp. 151-168. [PDF of author’s manuscript – not final]. See also the 2007 and 2012 editions.

Paper: Quantitative Analysis of Scrolling Techniques

Quantitative Analysis of Scrolling Techniques, CHI 2002Hinckley, K., Cutrell, E., Bathiche, S., and Muss, T., Quantitative Analysis of Scrolling Techniques. In Proc. CHI 2002 Conf. on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Minneapolis, MN, April 20 – 25, 2002, pp. 65-72.  [PDF]

Unpublished Manuscript: MagicKeys: Touch-Sensitive Tooltips for Hardware

MagicKeys Touch-Sensitive Tooltips for HardwareHinckley, K., MagicKeys: Touch-Sensitive Tooltips for Hardware. Unpublished Manuscript, Feb. 13, 2002, 5 pp. This is a white paper about a demo of touch-sensitive keyboard function keys that I put together. [PDF]