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Paper: ShapeTouch: Leveraging Contact Shape on Interactive Surfaces

ShapeTouch Tabletop 2008Cao, X., Wilson, A.D., Balakrishnan, R., Hinckley, K., Hudson, S.E. ShapeTouch: Leveraging Contact Shape on Interactive SurfacesTABLETOP 2008, 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human Computer Systems, Oct 1-3, 2008, Amsterdam, pp. 129 – 136. [PDF] [video .WMV]

Unpublished Manuscript: Fundamental States of Interaction for Pen, Touch, and Other Novel Interaction Devices

Fundamental States for Pen, Touch, and Pointing DevicesHinckley, K., Fundamental States of Interaction for Pen, Touch, and Other Novel Interaction Devices. Unpublished Manuscript, May 27, 2004, 5 pp. This is a white paper about fundamental constraints in designing interfaces for pen, touch, and mouse-based interaction that I wrote in 2004. Note:Parts of this material were revised and appear in my 2007 Input Technologies & Techniques book chapter. [PDF]

Unpublished Manuscripts: Bimanual Keyboard Scrolling Strip Concepts

Scrolling Strip - Left Side of KeyboardHinckley, K., Bimanual Keyboard Scrolling StripScrolling Strip - Center of Ergonomic Keyboard Concepts. Unpublished Manuscripts, July 24 – Aug 02, 2000. This is a technical white paper and a usability report that I wrote up about various touch-sensitive scrolling concepts for two-handed interaction on a keyboard, inspired in part by the Buxton & Myers two-handed input paper 0f CHI 1986. [PDF – Technical White Paper] [PDF – Usability Report]