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Unpublished Manuscript: The InkSeine Tutorial

The InkSeine Tutorial-- Ink, Search, and Gather.Hinckley, K., Sarin, R., Cutrell, E., Baudisch, B., The InkSeine Tutorial. Unpublished Manuscript, Feb 13, 2008, 14 pp. This is the comic-book style tutorial that we deployed with the public release of the InkSeine note-taking software. [PDF] [More about InkSeine].

Paper: InkSeine: In Situ search for active note taking

InkSeine CHI 2007Hinckley, K., Zhao, S., Sarin, R., Baudisch, P., Cutrell,
E., Shilman, M., and Tan, D. 2007. InkSeine: In Situ search for active note taking. In Proc. CHI 2007 Conf. on Human Factors in Computing Systems, San Jose, CA, pp. 251-260.  [PDF] [video .MOV] [OfficeLabs Thought Leadership Award] [Install]

Watch the InkSeine CHI 2007 Research Paper Video on YouTube

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