Here is a gallery of all my videos currently available on YouTube.

You also may be interested to subscribe to Ken Hinckley’s YouTube channel. Note that not all the videos below are on my channel, because some were posted by my co-authors, or in some cases, other random people I do not know.

Almost all of my videos are simple demonstrations that I put together for my various research publications, and were not originally intended to be videos for a general audience, but nonetheless many people have found them of interest. So please take them for what they are: early, informal peeks into a shifting landcape of ideas and conceptual prototypes.

I have many additional videos available as downloads for individual papers. I hope to make more of these available as embedded videos in the future. See my publications page for all downloads; many of my papers have accompanying videos that are not currently available on YouTube.

The Classics

Sensors for mobile devices (including the earliest demonstration of accelerometers for automatic screen rotation, among other fun things)  (details):

“Manual Deskterity” exploration of combined pen and touch interaction (details, summary post):

Combined touch and motion-sensing gestures (details, summary post):

InkSeine public release video demonstration (Install, research details):

Codex dual-screen tablet (details, summary post). (Note: an alternative, but innacurately characterized version of this video with 100,000 hits has also been posted by others without my permission).

Stitching cross-display pen gestures (details):

Bumping devices together for ad-hoc wireless networking (details):

Other Videos

(Supplemental video figures for various research publications)

Code space: Touch + Air Gesture Hybrid Interactions for Supporting Developer Meetings (details)

Enhancing Naturalness of Pen-and-Tablet Drawing through Context Sensing(details)

Pen + Touch = New Tools: extended video on combined pen and touch interactions (details):

InkSeine research prototype video (details):

Scriboli pen gesture interaction research prototype (details):

Springboard technique and analysis of mode switching for tablets (details):

Handle Flags for interaction with ink strokes on tablets (details):

HoverWidgets using the pen tracking state for gestures (details):

Phrasing techniques for multi-stroke pen gestures (details):

Starburst target layout algorithm (details):

Task Gallery 3D window manager prototype (details):

Speed-dependent automatic zooming (details):

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