Book Chapter: Input Technologies and Techniques, 2012 Edition

Input Technologies and Techniques, 3rd EditionHinckley, K., Wigdor, D., Input Technologies and Techniques. Chapter 9 in The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook – Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies and Emerging Applications, Third Edition, ed. by Jacko, J., Published by Taylor & Francis. To appear. [PDF of author’s manuscript – not final]

This is an extensive revision of the 2007 and 2002 editions of my book chapter, and with some heavy weight-lifting from my new co-author Daniel Wigdor, it treats direct-touch input devices and techniques in much more depth. Lots of great new stuff. The book will be out in early 2012 or so from Taylor & Francis – keep an eye out for it!

2 responses to “Book Chapter: Input Technologies and Techniques, 2012 Edition

  1. Check out this KickStarter. This looks pretty useful for individuals that type and use a pen on a daily basis!

    • This is a really fun design concept. And it offers a way to support a behvior that I’ve observed with pen users over and over again, that of tucking the pen between the fingers while touching the screen.

      I think an important part of this concept is the fun aesthetic of it as well– it could spawn a whole cottage industry of pen tricksters and performance art. I had a friend in college, actually, who had mastered all those spinning and twirling movements– kind of like spinning a miniature baton– and he could just keep going and going.

      Never mastered those tricks myself though. I guess I am just a pen wanna-be.

      I must admit though, there is one woman here at Microsoft who occasionally accidentally calls me by the name of “Pen Hinckley” which has kind of become an in-joke between us now. But the name certainly fits 🙂

      Thanks for forwarding the link. Definitely one for the unusal input devices and accessories file folder.

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